My apprenticeship journey so far at The Mighty Creatives

The Mighty Creatives Apprentice Danielle Potter, shares her experiences of being an apprentice so far.

Posted by: Danielle Potter | January 6th, 2017

I am the Marketing & Administrative Apprentice for The Mighty Creatives and have been in this role for 9 months, this will be my first blog on my experiences so far.

I was in college, nearing the end of my second year. All my friends and classmates were filling in and sending off their UCAS applications and dormitory forms. Except me. I didn’t have a UCAS account. I didn’t write an application, nor did I have any University choices. Instead, I made an account on the Government Apprenticeships website. Apprenticeships sounded perfect to me. I would get real work experience, whilst getting a degree and even a little pay. I chose to go for a creative department because that was simply more ‘me’ and something I felt I would be passionate about.

The first apprenticeship callout I saw and acted upon was from The Mighty Creatives. It was for a Marketing and Administrations role. I was drawn to this company instantly. Their fight for children and young people to be able to be creative in school and everyday lives was something I was definitely passionate about and an aim that I really wanted to contribute to in any way I could.

I went into filling out the application fairly blind. No matter how much I researched, I didn’t know much about apprenticeships. But I still managed to succeed and got to the interview stage. Needless to say, I was nervous, however I really enjoyed the interview and the longer it went on, the more I wanted to be a part of this organisation.

Low and behold, I was successful! I started my apprenticeship on May 16th and began my apprenticeship coursework shortly after. When I first started, I can confidently say that I was not prepared for what it would be like to work in an actual business. It was completely different to school/college. There was no first-aid room, you didn’t have to ask to go to the toilet, you didn’t have set holidays for new terms. I was surrounded by all of these experienced adults who knew what they were doing and had tonnes of life experience on me. I could feel the age difference and lack of experience and capability I had. It was quite intimidating to be honest. But, that was only because of my outlook. Once I settled in and started to chat with everyone normally, I realised that we are pretty much all the same, doing different parts of the same job for an overall aim. We all just had different amounts and types of experience. Being surrounded by people who were in the same industry as me, ahead of me on their career paths has been invaluable. I’ve learnt so much from the experience of those around me.

Being introduced into the workplace and the type of jobs and tasks I had was pretty smooth sailing. When I was introduced to my apprenticeship assessor and given the first coursework assignments and essays, timing became tight for a while. I wasn’t sure how to balance everything. But as I was given great support and help, I figured out how my coursework and job were linked and how I could manage the time to do both to the best of my ability. Apprenticeship assessors are a lot less scary than I imagined. They really help bring you through the course and help you chose the best way to deliver your work. If you prefer writing to reading you would do more essays. If you preferred speaking, then you would do more spoken evidence. However, I did learn the hard way that apprenticeship essays are formatted a lot differently to college essays. They are actually much easier to write and put together.

Choosing an apprenticeship and learning so much outside of the classroom whilst being a part of a real company has given me some of the best experience of my life and has taught me so much, not just about digital marketing, but also how the world actually works and what to expect in the future.

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