Getting to know the Emerge Artists

We met with some of the Emerge 2018 Artists and got to know them through three adventurous questions.

Posted: July 25th, 2017

We met with some of the Emerge 2018 Artists during a recent training day, they answered some questions for us on some of the key Emerge themes: verbal arts, inspiration and Shakespeare.

We interviewed the following Emerge 2018 Artists:

Jo Gleave

Josh Hawkins

Rebecca Morgan

Sophie Boyce-Couzens

Luke Clarke

Siobhan Donnelly

Ella Tebay

Emily York

Sam Thorogood

Carise Zangerle Murray

Jenny Hibberd

What is your favourite word and why?

Jo | Palimpsest – I like how it sounds

Josh | Crumpet – I couldn’t think of one fast enough – oops!

Rebecca | Bubbly because it’s really fun making it into a funny sound.

Sophie | Predicament, because it’s really fun to say.

Luke | My favourite word is Cagoule because it’s amusing to say and reminds me of a rainy English childhood.

Siobhan | Petrichor; the smell of rain on dry ground. Because it’s really nice to say and it describes one of my favourite smells.

Ella | ‘Blimp’ – it’s fun to say, and it sounds like it could be used to describe everything from a full stomach to a tadpole.

Emily | My favourite word is Kalokagathia purely because people are always intrigued by the meaning and nobody can ever spell it (I even had to Google it!). It is the belief that your appearances align with your moral and spiritual values.

Sam | Qualm – can use widely, long even though monosyllabic

Carise | Mellifluous (relating to the sound of things) It sounds great. It’s a word that sounds beautiful as a word itself.

Jenny | Indubitably (definitely) It makes your mouth move in a fun way.

How have you felt inspired so far in the project?

Jo | It’s been great to meet everyone involved and get to know so many creative people.

Josh | All the other creative artists from varied arts festivals!

Rebecca | By meeting lots of different artists and learning how to create an inspiring festival.

Sophie | By all of the different possibilities/ideas and being able to begin to imagine these festivals coming together.

Luke | I have been inspired by the freedom of the project. The freedom to create, the freedom in delivering and the freedom from traditional festival form.

Siobhan | I’ve been inspired by meeting the other artists and learning about their practises and art forms. It’s been really inspiring to meet my LAB partners and start building plans and ideas with them, as well as feeding off their enthusiasm.

Ella | Meeting the other artists during training and hearing about different art forms and ideas they have is really exciting!

Emily | I’m inspired by the amazing artists across all locations. It’s really refreshing to be working with likeminded people who are as passionate as you about the arts, and who have done amazing things.

Sam | Thinking about the openness of the project – from participants, tailor made to locale, facilitations, creativity, hearing voices.

Carise & Jenny | Thinking about the psychology behind activities, ways to encourage openness. Using our passion to inspire Young People.

If you had to be a Shakespeare character, which one would you choose and why?

Jo | Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream: I think it’d be fun to be so mischievous all the time and get away with it.

Josh | I’d be Bottom because I like the name!

Rebecca | Lady Oliva because I’d have status and could use my powers for the greater good.

Sophie | Viola because she is feisty, strong and independent.

Luke | Henry V (5th), he has all the great speeches, he’s passionate, angry and utterly hopeless in love.

Siobhan | I would be Puck because they are very cheeky and mischievous who can’t help meddling,

Ella | It’d be Ariel – he has good fun and doesn’t fit into many of the categories of Shakespeare’s other characters. Also, the magical powers would be useful, plus a lot of time on the beach.

Emily | Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing because whilst she is generous and loving, she has a very sharp tongue and is very independent.

Sam | Ariel – Tempest is my favourite play. Magic vs humanity. Mischievous, transformative, puppet master, invisible.

Carise | Puck. Exploring the split personality of the character. He is a very complex character, impish and magical.

Jenny | Puck. Chance to be very mischievous. Interdimensional, transient, time, mind, space.

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