The Mighty Creatives Announce Investment Secured for The Midlands

Spirit of 2012 - a funding charity endowed by the Big Lottery Fund with £47m National Lottery money - agree to invest 1m worth to deliver a series of verbal arts festivals across the Midlands over the next three years.

Posted: April 27th, 2016

The Mighty Creatives are thrilled to announce we have secured almost £1m worth of investment to deliver a series of verbal arts festivals across the Midlands over the next three years. The funding has been awarded by Spirit of 2012, a funding charity endowed by the Big Lottery Fund with £47m National Lottery money.

The Emerge Programme will

  • involve up to 1000 young participants in the production of up to 24 a verbal arts festivals on April 23rd in 2017, 2018, 2019 to mark the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death
  • explore the art of ideas, challenging modern audiences on modern issues as Shakespeare did himself
  • be delivered in 12 Midland locations
  • provide 24 young artists with a community based collaborative commission

“This is great news for The Mighty Creatives, the Midlands and above all children and young people” said Acting Chief Executive Karen Birch. “We know too many children and young people don’t get enough chances to be creative. Our partnership with Spirit of 2012 will provide an amazing chance for young people to engage with Shakespeare and to be creative themselves. Emerge promises to be a high quality, life changing programme. “

The Emerge Programme plans to work in 12 Midlands locations. It will be a programme developed and delivered across a range of rural, coastal and small town communities.

Debbie Lye, Chief Executive of Spirit of 2012, said: “To celebrate the landmark of 400 years since Shakespeare’s death, Spirit of 2012 has chosen to invest in the Mighty Creatives’ Emerge programme, which is a perfect fit with our aims. It will engage young people and inspire the communities they live in. They will develop their skills and leadership by writing, performing, designing, organising and promoting their own festivals, whilst also connecting with current issues, their own communities and Shakespeare in creative and exciting ways.”

The Mighty Creatives, Arts Council England's Bridge Organisation for the East Midlands, will be working in partnership with UK Young Artists and Arts Connect to deliver Emerge. We will also be seeking to work with schools, youth settings and practitioners to deliver the Emerge Festivals.

About Spirit of 2012

Spirit of 2012 is an independent trust, established with a £47m endowment from the Big Lottery Fund. We fund projects that empower people to get out, be involved and feel better. We fund partners that provide opportunities in sports, physical activity, arts and culture, volunteering and social action.

About The Mighty Creatives

The Mighty Creatives is the children and young people’s creative development agency: a source of innovation in young lives. Our mission is to create a world where children and young people are using their creativity to realise their rights, reach their potential and make a difference.

We see children and young people at the heart of their communities, using their creativity to do the things they love and take action on the issues they care about. When children and young people work creatively, they use their imaginations to solve problems, experiment with new ways of doing things, learn new skills and develop the determination to succeed.

The Mighty Creatives is the East Midlands Bridge organisation (EMBridge). We are part of a national network of 10 Bridge organisations, funded by Arts Council England to use their experience and expertise to help more children access more great art and culture more of the time. For more information visit

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