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An Arts Award Discover Grant Offer is now available.

Posted: May 30th, 2017

Arts Award Discover: Grant Offer

The Mighty Creatives have a new Arts Award offer for those organisations with ambitious plans around delivering inspiring, structured arts activities for children and young people.

The Mighty Creatives have grants available to support organisations in the East Midlands who want to develop their offer around Discover, particularly adopting the ‘in a day’ model. To be eligible you need to already have a least one individual trained as an advisor at Discover and Explore level.

The Offer:

These grants are designed to:

  • Support organisations to deliver either one event or a series of sessions before the end of September 2017
  • Support the mapping and delivery of Arts Award against events you may already be delivering (e.g. summer festivals or end of term performances)
  • Help organisations develop their current discover offer- trialling, testing and refining current models of delivery
  • Support organisations with ambitious plans for Discover e.g. large scale delivery approaches

We have two grant options available and each organisation can apply for a support grant of up to £500 to support plans and delivery.

  • To apply for the full £500 grant we require at least 50+ Discover Arts Awards delivered per project.
  • Grants of £350 are available to organisations who can deliver 35+ awards.

The Mighty Creatives are looking to support organisations who can demonstrate that they will use this grant to

  • embed the Arts Award in their education practice;
  • increase the quality in the delivery of Arts Award;
  • explore innovative ways of delivering Arts Award.

What is ‘Discover in a Day’?

The Discover Arts Award is a great introduction to the arts for children and young people. Young people get the opportunity to:

  • Take part in different arts activities
  • Experience artists and their work
  • Show discoveries to others

And at the end receive a certificate in Arts Award Discover! It can be delivered in a variety of ways over different time periods but Discover in a Day is a great way to get an immersive creative experience. To see some examples of deliver, take a look here

What is Arts Award?

Arts Award is a portfolio based national qualification at 4 levels: Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold (Discover is an introductory level) and can cover a wide range of activities within a variety of arts and cultural settings. It is managed by Trinity College London in association with Arts Council England

What do I get?

Beyond the grant itself, organisations get an opportunity to have your work case studied as part of our promotion of the ‘In a Day’ model and to share and showcase your work through TMC newsletters and events e.g. our future Arts Award Conference in March 2018.

Do I qualify?

These grants are available to a range of organisations and settings operating in the East Midlands, including:

  • Arts and cultural including museums and libraries
  • Youth Justice
  • Community Organisations
  • Youth Work
  • Schools
  • Any other settings where young people could benefit from Arts Award

What can I spend the grant on?

• Arts Award Log books or guidance
• Fees for workshops with a professional specialist
• General art materials and printing costs
• Tickets and travel for events
• Hire of specialist equipment or specialist venue
• Certificates and moderation costs
• Specific access requirements e.g. BSL/other translators; assistive technology specifically related to the Arts Award project

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

If you have any more questions about this grant opportunity, please contact Sophie or Lorrie on 0116 2616 834 or email


Please fill in this application form by 14th June 2017:

About The Mighty Creatives

We believe that access to play, creativity and culture is vital, significantly affecting how children and young people do at school, their health, their life chances. We believe is creative talent is everywhere but are concerned that opportunities to be creative are not. We exist to change this. We create opportunities to be creative and connect the partners that provide them. Our aims are to

  • create equitable access to an outstanding cultural education.
  • create equitable access to choices and pathways into creative employment
  • connect and develop the region’s cultural education sector and support the region’s economy to provide both.

So, at The Mighty Creatives we

  • secure and manage investment
  • promote and support quality practice
  • promote and support collective impact
  • build partnerships & collaborations
  • provide training and resources
  • manage programmes of community based projects.

If you would like to hear more about our work beyond the promotion and support we offer through Arts Award, please register at

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