East Midlands Heritage Awards 2017

East Midlands Museums Service are happy to announce the launch of their third Heritage Awards.

Posted by: Marc Lupson | June 1st, 2017

We would like to invite you to enter the third East Midlands Heritage Awards 2017.

Entry is free and they are a great opportunity to celebrate the wonderful work and outstanding achievements in your museums, historic houses and heritage sites across the region.

By entering for an Award you can:

• Showcase your progress and successes, raising your public profile and recognition.

• Recognise the hard work of your staff and volunteers.

• Share best practice across the heritage and museums sector.

The Awards are organised by Nottingham Trent University, Museum Development Museums Services, East Midlands Museums Service and Lupson Consultancy. We are also proud to announce that the Awards will once again be sponsored by Barker Langham, the leading global cultural consultancy. They will design all plaques and certificates for presentation at the Awards Ceremony. We are also sponsored this year by Tanjun Media, who has designed the Awards 2017 logo.

There have been a few amendments to this year’s awards so it is important that you read all the information below.

This year we have introduced two new award categories -

‘Totally Voluntary’ and ‘Volunteer Empowerment’.

These have been included to recognise your amazing volunteers, both individually and collectively, as well as ensuring that the smaller heritage organisations with limited resources can be equally represented.

In all, there are seven award categories:


This award will recognise best practice within a heritage organisation that is run by volunteers.


This award will celebrate a project or activity in a heritage organisation where paid staff engage and empower volunteers.


This award will recognise the successful inclusion of children and young people within your organisation.


This award will recognise heritage projects that have had a positive impact on people and/or communities.


This award will recognise the successful implementation of innovative practice for your organisation.


This award honours Wendy Golland who chaired EMMS from 2002 to 2013. It recognises groups and individuals who have undertaken and used quality research effectively for the benefit of the public and their organisation.


As with previous years, the Judges Special Award will recognise those museums, heritage sites, and projects that have demonstrated excellence in a particular area or broad range of categories that the judges feel deserves additional recognition.


When deciding which category to enter, think about all the different projects, exhibitions, outreach, events and other work you have been doing between 1st March 2015 and 7th May 2017 (but not necessarily for the whole period of that time).

What has worked really well for your organisation and your visitors? These could open days, events, new exhibitions, community work, research, talks and lectures, collections projects, or work with schools or other projects with children and young people.

There is no entry form for this category as winners will be shortlisted and selected from the information provided on the entry forms for the categories above.

The culmination of the Awards will be a presentation ceremony which will take place at Nottingham Trent University, Clifton Campus on Tuesday 17th October 2017.

The ceremony will be a great opportunity for all those involved in museums and heritage across the East Midlands to catch up with friends and colleagues, share success, enjoy a magical day, celebrating all the fabulous work taking place.

Each category winner will each receive a plaque, as well as significant local and regional promotion. All shortlisted entries will receive a certificate.

We would strongly encourage you to read this carefully before completing any forms.

The closing date for getting your entry in is 5pm Friday on 30th June 2017.

Good luck and we look forward to receiving your entry!

Marc Lupson

Lupson Consultancy

Award Entry Guidance Notes Important: Please read

To ensure transparency, all entries will be considered purely on what you have put in your application form and your supporting documentation. Prior knowledge of your organisation will not be taken into account during any part of the decision process.

Please ensure you entry is clear and concise, and accessible enough for the Judges to gain a quick understanding of your organisation and the project or activity you are entering into the awards. They may know nothing, or very little, about your organisation.

You can submit an entry for as many categories as you like, but each entry has to be for a different project or activity. You cannot submit multiple category entries using the same project or activity.

Who can enter?

The Awards are open to any organisation that has undertaken a heritage related project or activity that has involved, engaged, or benefitted, people outside of that organisation.

Contractors and suppliers cannot enter in their own right; however their work can be featured in an entry submitted by a heritage organisation. We also welcome entries from a group of organisations or partners.

Your Award entry must be for activities or work taking place between 1 st March 2015 and 7 th May 2017, although they don’t have to be for the whole of that period.

How to Enter

To enter, you will need to complete an application form for the category/s that you are entering.

For this year’s awards, we are offering an alternative way of submitting, by way of online application forms. We would encourage you to use the online form, as it has been designed to be a more accessible and easier way of submitting your entry.

If you do not wish to use the online application form, a Word formatted form is still available to submit your entry.

To request either the link(s) to the online forms for the categories you wish to submit an entry for, or their Word formatted equivalents, please email Marc Lupson at lupsonconsultancy@gmail.com who will send them out with the more detailed Award Category information sheet.

In addition to your application form, you can submit up to 4 pieces of supporting documentation, including up to 4 photographs (these count as one of your supporting documents). This applies to any method of entry, whether online or by email.

Supporting documentation could include press releases, publicity material, evaluation and feedback from users, visitors, partners, volunteers etc… Please make sure that each piece of supporting information has your entry title clearly labelled on it.

Any photographs submitted must be copyright-free. Each photograph should be labelled with a caption and a credit (if necessary) and you must complete the Photography Clearance Form (included in the application forms) to confirm that the images are copyright-free and that photographs including identifiable images of people are cleared for use.

If you are entering using the online application form, you can upload all your supporting documents in the appropriate section of the form. For your 4 photographs, please insert these into a word document first then upload as one of the files.

Submitting your Entry

Before submitting your entry, make sure you have completed everything and collated all appropriate supporting information. There is a checklist at the end of the entry application form to help you with this.

If you are submitting your entry using the online form, once received, you will get an automatic email acknowledging your application (this may take a short while to appear). If you do not receive the email after a few hours, check your junk/spam box in the first instance as, depending on your provider, it may be in there.

If not, please contact Marc Lupson at lupsonconsultancy@gmail.com, who will help you resolve any issues.

If you are submitting your entry by email, please ensure you collate all your documents and send to Marc Lupson by ‘WeTransfer’. You will find instructions on how to do this within the application forms.

In exceptional circumstances and by prior arrangement, we can accept hard copy entries alongwith with supporting documentations. However, it will be entrant’s responsibility to submit 4 copies of their entry for the decision process.

Use of Entries

The organisers reserve the right to use any information and images that you submit unless it is clearly marked ‘not for publication’. This use may be before, during and/or after the 2017 Awards and may be in printed materials, digital communications, verbally and/or on screen.

Therefore you must:

• Ensure that all information is accurate and factually correct.

• Clearly label any sensitive/confidential information as ‘not for publication’.

• Complete the Photography Clearance Form section of the Entry Form to confirm that all the photographs you submit are copyright-free and have been cleared for use by all people whose images are identifiable in the photographs.


Depending on the number of entries in your chosen category, a shortlist of finalists may have to be drawn up before the final stage of judging. If this is the case, you will be informed by email whether or not your entry has reached the final stage of your chosen category by 1 st August 2017.

All shortlisted entries will be displayed on the EMMS website www.emms.org.uk and the Museum Development East Midlands website http://mdem.org.uk/.

If you are shortlisted, we will contact you about who will represent your project at the Awards Ceremony. You must be represented by at least one person at the Ceremony on 17th October. The event is free and you will be about to request up to four tickets.

All the winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Tuesday 17th October 2017.

All unsuccessful shortlisted entries will receive feedback from the Judges. However, please be aware that the judge’s decisions are final and will not be able to enter any correspondence into about their decisions.

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