Arts Council England Continue to Fund The Mighty Creatives to 2022

Arts Council England to continue funding The Mighty Creatives.

Posted by: Nick Owen | June 27th, 2017

TMC is delighted to announce that Arts Council England have offered The Mighty Creatives a major grant to work as the Sector Support Organisation for the East Midlands between 2018-2022 as part of the new National Portfolio programme.

Further details of this investment can be found here.

Dr. Nick Owen MBE , CEO of the company said:

‘We are thrilled with the news that the work we have done as a Bridge Organisation over the last 9 years has been rewarded with this show of financial support. However, we know that the Cultural Education Challenge that Arts Council England has set us is pressing and significant.

We know we have a big job on our hands to provide constructive support to the East Midlands’ schools and to the arts, libraries and museums settings. This support is vital to help them provide an outstanding cultural education to the regions’ 1 million+ children and young people across our coastal, rural and urban communities. Many children and young people face barriers that we need to help them overcome.

Peter Knott, Area Director, Arts Council England, said:

"It is important that children and young people have access to culture and by working alongside schools and educators, The Mighty Creatives ensures that the next generation of artists are supported, trained and encouraged to explore their talents. We're thrilled to be funding their work over the next four years and hope to see more children and young people engage with arts across the East Midlands."

We look forward to continue working with Arts Council England, our established partners across the country and region, and we are especially excited to develop new ways of working, new partners and partnerships over the coming years.’

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