#CelebrateArtsmark Film from St Luke's C of E Primary

Watch our Artsmark Adventure film, featuring St Luke's C of E Primary.

Posted by: Hazel Townsend | October 10th, 2017

Artsmark Adventures

For each day of Artsmark Celebration week 2017, we'll be sharing one of our Artsmark Adventure films.

Today's film is celebrating Ofsted, Governors and Artsmark, and features St Luke's C of E Primary, Derbyshire.

St Luke’s C of E Primary were one of the first schools in the region to achieve a Gold Artsmark Award in September 2016“Our Artsmark work focused on the children as leaders, developing their capacity to develop their own learning and support other schools. Since then we have been exploring how a cluster of schools working together can achieve more and of better quality than a school working individually”

Watch their film all about their Artsmark Adventure:

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