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Read all about our plan for regional investment from our Cultural Life Fund.

Posted: July 30th, 2018

Sustaining cultural education in the East Midlands

We are publishing our Investment Plan, so our goals and ambitions for regional investment can be shared by our partners.

The Cultural Education Challenge asks art and cultural organisations, educational institutions and local authorities to come together to drive a joined-up art and cultural offer locally, to share resources and bring about a more coherent and visible delivery of cultural education through Local Cultural Education Partnerships.

The aim:

To improve, increase and sustain cultural education in schools and communities for children and young people living and learning in the East Midlands.

To improve creative and cultural outcomes for children and young people.

Take steps to develop and sustain partnerships, supporting Cultural Education Partnerships.

Our commitment:

We will invest approximately £862k (25% total budget) in these partnerships by 2021, targeting investments through Local Cultural Education Partnerships and additional partnerships including cross-area investments and national investments.

We will continue to support the alignment of resources and the reach of Local Cultural Education Partnership.

We are committed to supporting the development of each partnership with monitoring and evaluation advice, support with relationship management and partnership development.

To ensure equal access for all children and young people; in addition to Goal 5 priorities (Artsmark, Arts Award and Digital), we would like to see a focus on children growing up in challenging circumstances. This might include:

  • Children and young people in care and care leavers, and pupils eligible for free school meals.
  • Early years and early intervention.
  • Children & young people with English as an additional language.
  • Children and young people with special education needs and disability.

Statement from Arts council England: Dated 10th July 2018:

“The Arts Council expects that Partnership Investment will support the strategic development of Local Education Partnerships as a priority focus where ever possible. This may include resource to support capacity, planning or evaluation of LCEP progress. Investment outside of this scope will only be agreed in exceptional circumstances. Our ambition is that LCEP areas will continue to growand thrive over the next four years and we consider Partnership Investment to be central to this success.

Partnership Investment must not be used to facilitate programme delivery, it is not an alternative to project grants and the Arts Council will not support the approval of applications where this is the case.

Our ambition is that Partnership Investment will support local areas to create new financial sustainability for cultural education. Therefore at least 100% match funding must be sourced from alternative non-arts income. This cannot include Lottery funding or support in kind.

Bridge Organisations will support LCEP partners to develop their cultural education offer locally and will be able to advise on how Partnership Investment can support their strategic development and future sustainability.”

Quality Assurance

As appropriate, a collaboration progress checker will be used to monitor how partnerships are built and how they evolve.

Collaboration Continuum, adapted from Innoweave

This will be simplified to reflect the development outline by ACE:

  • A set of sustainable partnership benchmarks will be used to monitor and evaluate partnerships, support relationship management and partnership development. Overall, the benchmarks will be used to monitor partnership efficiency and productivity, support the development of sustainable partnerships and demonstrate tangible outcomes for children and young people.

Please read the full plan here.

[Photo Credit: Artsmark School: Cantrell Primary | Carnival Day 2017, Photographer: Reel Monkey Productions]

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