Get involved with our Creative Hero Campaign.

We need your help! On 9 November, we will be celebrating creative heroes and raising money to support the future of creativity in the East Midlands.

Posted by: Becky Rose | September 24th, 2018

On Friday 9th November 2018 schools, arts organisations and businesses across the region will be celebrating their creative heroes and raising vital funds to ensure we have creative heroes in the future. Too often, arts and cultural education, is viewed as “nice to have” and “not essential” to the education of children and young people. We are leading the fight to make the case that cultural education offers so much more to the life chances of young people.

On the day, we are aiming to make lots of noise about how our creative heroes have inspired us (these can be anyone from famous singers/musicians/artists - to a local community leader) and through that raise money to put into creating as many opportunities for young people to be creative as possible. From cake baking to fancy dress there are so many ways your organisation can celebrate and fundraise with us!

We are offering a free fundraising kit, complete with posters, ideas sheets and stickers to help your students/employees to get involved! This is limited and on a first come, first served basis.

Each school that supports the campaign has the opportunity to raise funds for their own creative activities at the same time, with donations being shared between each participating school and The Mighty Creatives.

Are you ready to change lives?

Of course you are! This year, our first campaign year, we want people like you to help us raise money so that we can continue to fight for the creative futures of all children and young people. Sadly, without this support, access to opportunities for so many young people is denied.It doesn’t have to be this way and you can help us change this.

How can you get involved?

Please contact Becky Rose, Head of Development, providing the following information by email sign up.

  • Contact Name.
  • School or Organisation.
  • Address.
  • Post Code.
  • Email contact of lead fundraiser.
  • Telephone contact and extension for lead fundraiser.
  • Confirmation in your email of your commitment to the campaign in 2018.

The Harley Gallery and Norbridge Academy in Nottinghamshire have already signed up to the campaign – here is what they had to say this Summer:

“Norbridge Academy Primary School is based in Workshop, in the north of the region. We are currently applying to be an Artsmark school in recognition of our investment in creative and cultural education as an essential part of daily life here at the school. We want to support the campaign so that we can promote the value of creativity to our parents and local community. We believe all children should have access to creativity and a rich cultural education despite their social background. We join The Mighty Creatives this year and encourage more schools to join us to. Creative Hero Day is a fun and engaging way to promote the value of the arts and inspire young creatives. Together we can make a difference for our own school and support the activity of this great regional charity!”

Dayle Green, Chair of Governors, Norbridge Academy

“The Harley Gallery and Foundation is delighted to be part of the Creative Hero Day Campaign run by The Mighty Creatives. At The Harley Foundation we create spaces where the imagination can flourish and we have seen how making and creating art helps people develop core skills which can be used throughout their lives. In the Harley Studios we have a community of over 30 practising artists and we hope that working on the Creative Hero Campaign with The Mighty Creatives will ensure that local children can become the creatives of the future.”

Lisa Gee, Director, The Harley Foundation

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