Artsmark... not just for schools!

Artsmark is applicable to so many settings, not just schools. Today we are celebrating Artsmark Partners working with schools and the important part they play in enriching learning.

Posted by: Hazel Townsend | October 10th, 2018

Today, during Artsmark Celebration Week, we are recognising our fabulous network of Artsmark Partners that support the programme across The Midlands. We are very lucky, in our region, to support such a wide cultural offer to our schools through the Artsmark Partnership Programme. School trips to cultural sector partners can be a fantastic way to take the Artsmark Adventure beyond the classroom. Here is a quote from an East Midlands Artsmark school case study that sums this up brilliantly:

“Artsmark gives teachers license to follow a creative approach without guilt; to prioritise pedagogy which engages rather than disengages; the freedom to focus on what makes a difference. It is an approach which develops the whole child and offers opportunity. It provides memorable experiences and qualifications which can open future doors. On the coach back from a recent 1940’s WWII evacuee day, a child in my class offered the following feedback.

“When I grow up and have my own kids, I want to bring them to this school so they can come on this trip and learn about evacuees like I have.” Theo – aged 9

Asked if he would want to come and support his future child, Theo broke into an even wider smile. His immersive Drama day has clearly had a powerful impact. Our Artsmark approach supports Theo and hundreds of other children like him to get the most out of their time at our school. Learning is dynamic, children are furnished with memories which last a lifetime and leave us filled with confidence for the future. “ Jordan White- Artsmark Case Study March 2018

Case Study: Cantrell Primary and Nursery School

Photos: Cantrell Primary Carnival 2018 [Photo Credit Reel Monkey Productions].

Take a look at our Artsmark Partnership page to find out more about our East Midlands Artsmark Partners.

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