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Posted: October 17th, 2018

What is an Arts Award Supporter?

Arts Award Supporter is a badge which shows your organisation offers activities which young people can take part in when doing their Arts Award, such as shows, exhibitions, workshops, meet the artist sessions, work experience etc.

Young people doing Arts Award have to explore the world of professional artists and cultural organisations by taking part and seeing work. An Arts Award Supporter provides one or more arts and cultural activities for young people who are doing their Arts Award. They do not run the award but they work with the Arts Award centre to provide the artistic input.

If you haven't already re- registered, you need to check you are still an Arts Award Supporter.

Arts Award held a review of the Arts Award Supporter Programme led by The Audience Agency. The feedback suggested that the Supporter is a great scheme that benefits young people and organisations, but the process needed to be simplified. So Arts Award have simplified the process. All information about your Arts Award offer will be on your own website. There is no longer a need to log in or update your Supporter profile.

If you are a supporter who was registered before the 16th July 2018, and you have not re-registered before the 31st August 2018, then you will no longer be a supporter and you will no longer show on the Supporter map.

If you have not re- registered, you will also miss out on the key benefits of being a Supporter.

Not a Supporter? Now is the best time to sign up.

Signing up to be an Arts Award Supporter is FREE and straightforward.

Becoming an Arts Award Supporter will help you reach young people who are doing their Arts Award. You don’t have to provide free activities and your existing education programme is likely to link well with Arts Award. Being a Supporter offers you a new marketing channel to audiences looking for events and arts opportunities in your area.

Being a Supporter is an excellent way to show teachers, parents and young people that you welcome young people into your organisation. Many teachers and young people are looking for activities to complete their Arts Award and carrying the Arts Award Supporter logo on your website and marketing materials gives them a reason to choose you over a competitor.

How to Sign Up or Re-register

You can sign-up/reregister by following this link:

You can find more information about being a supporter here:

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