January 2015: Historic Houses in the East Midlands

Investigating cultural activity for, with and by children and young people in historic houses in the East Midlands.

The East Midlands is rich in historic houses full of cultural significance and a wealth of artistic and social history. We have found that many historic houses are privately owned and did not seem to belong to a national or regional network – we became interested in how we could increase engagement to these inspiring places by helping to improve networks and by working together. As such, we commissioned the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries (RCMG) to investigate the needs, interests and challenges facing historic houses in provision for children and young people.

This report finds that historic houses can be intellectually and physically demanding for young people but intellect or disability should not be barriers to a child’s understanding, appreciation or enjoyment of a historic house or heritage setting. Many sites offer good examples of using technology to help overcome such barriers and we need to ensure that more sites recognise where they could do something different and that we are sharing more best practice examples, ideas and inspiration across the sector.

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