November 2015: Bank of TMC - Creative Impact

A report outlining the unique value that enterprise education and start up support has in helping to bridge the gap between academic and practical learning.

The re-launch of The Bank of TMC in 2013 was an opportunity to expand our portfolio in supporting young creative entrepreneurs and there businesses. Our strengths as an agency lie in supporting emerging business leaders, new and existing, to explore imaginative solutions, build collaborations and ultimately innovate in the way they grow future business services and products.

Our evaluation shows significant key skills development, particularly in collaboration; communication and innovation; the skills required to make the transition from education to enterprise and the capacity to lead and grow successful businesses.

Author: Becky Rose

Why Bother?

Why do we spend money, time and effort on engaging young...
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Becky Rose

Becky has been on the senior team of staff at The Mighty...
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