September 2015: Emerge: Case Study - Young Leaders

The idea for our EMerge Event Day was to give young people across the East Midlands the opportunity to access free, high quality art experiences that would broaden their horizons and even help them with their chosen career path.

At the Mighty Creatives we believe that young people can use creativity to act on the things they care about. We’re also committed to increasing children and young people’s contribution, access to and experience of arts, culture and heritage. In our role as Arts Council England’s East Midlands bridge organisation, we work towards Goal 5: every child and young person has the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts.

Over the project’s two year duration, The Mighty Creatives (TMC) worked with a group of 10 young people from the East Midlands to help influence how arts and culture is developed and delivered in the region, connecting more young people to arts organisations. The group developed their own vision for arts and culture and set the final outcomes that they wanted to achieve. In co-production with The Mighty Creatives, they developed and delivered the concept for EMerge Day.

This report outline how and what happened. The film below captures some of what happened.

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