Head of Development
Becky Rose

Becky has been on the senior team of staff at The Mighty Creatives since 2009 and has worked in the education and cultural sector for over 20 years. She is an experienced fundraiser, product developer, mentor, keynote speaker and facilitator.

Emerging firstly as a professional dance artist in Birmingham in 1996, she later went on to produce and manage education and cultural programmes across Yorkshire and the Midlands from 2001.

In 2005, she joined Arts Council England as Creative Programmer and later Director of the flagship Creative Learning programme, Creative Partnerships in Bolsover, Ashfield and Mansfield.

In 2009 she joined The Mighty Creatives directing and developing a portfolio of new services and products, looking at new routes to finance and resource cultural education and enterprise programmes. Becky has designed and managed The Bank of TMC and is currently leading the development of our Pathways into the Creative Industries service programmes, such as Emerge Creative Enterprise.

Since 2011, Becky has had a parallel career working to support local community business growth in and around the Bassetlaw and South Yorkshire area. Becky also volunteers as a board member of a local art gallery and supports work of social enterprises across the North East Lincolnshire area.

You can email Becky directly at: becky@themightycreatives.com

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