How we can help cultural organisations

"The Cultural Education Challenge asks art and cultural organisations, educational institutions and local authorities to come together to drive a joined-up art and cultural offer locally, to share resources and bring about a more coherent and visible delivery of cultural education."

Arts Council England, October 2015

The Mighty Creatives can help arts and cultural organisations do exactly that - to better connect, to better provide and to better engage with children and young people and in so doing become an integral and effective part of a place providing an outstanding cultural education.

This is how we can help.

Arts Award - these unique qualifications support young people to develop as artists and arts leaders. The programme develops their creativity, leadership and communication skills. Open to anyone aged up to 25, Arts Award embraces all interests and backgrounds. Through working towards an award young people learn to work independently, helping them to prepare for further education and employment. Any arts and cultural organisation can either run or support such a scheme.

Artsmark Award - Designed by schools for schools, the new Artsmark award was relaunched in 2015 to help schools enrich, develop and strengthen their arts and cultural provision – bringing creativity, arts and culture to every classroom. Arts and cultural organisation can become an Artsmark Supporter and integrate their education offer into the curriculum of a school.

Cultural Education Partnerships - we have 8 emerging across the East Midlands and other collaborations forming. This is where a locally coordinated, joined-up, cultural offer will take shape. An offer designed to overcome the inequality of opportunity some children and young people face when accessing a cultural education. Become part of it.

The Cultural Life Find is a three-year £650k programme that The Mighty Creatives are managing that addresses long-standing inequalities in children and young people’s access to high quality cultural education in the East Midlands. A competitive fund, this matches £ for £ investment to projects that can demonstrate that they are rising to the Cultural Education Challenge.

Support with Fundraising - we run a series of training and briefing events that support arts and cultural organisations to build the partnerships and secure the resources and funds required to deliver an outstanding cultural education. We also offer organisations the benefit of our own expertise through our traded consultancy offer.

Working in Schools - We aspire to provide opportunities for the children and young people’s workforce to combine their skills, knowledge and resources in schools. We provide training days and large-scale events, through to networking opportunities and support seminars, we aim to inspire people to share their knowledge, skills, networks and resources to help every child thrive.

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