Cultural Education Challenge

"We want every child to have the chance to visit, experience and participate in extraordinary work, and be able to know more, understand more, and review the experiences they’ve had."

Arts Council England, October 2015

The Cultural Education Challenge, launched by Arts Council England in October 2015, asks arts and cultural organisations to think differently about how the arts and culture engages with children and young people, to drive a joined-up art and cultural offer locally, to share resources and bring about a more coherent and visible delivery of cultural education. This will be achieved through Cultural Education Partnerships.

The Mighty Creatives believe that meaningful engagement is crucial to children and young people in having rich and fulfilling lives. It allows for the development of self-expression, imagination and confidence in children and young peoples’ own creativity. TMC are rising to the Cultural Education Challenge through our Arts Alliances’ programme. We will be supporting cultural education partnerships to develop strong links with their local communities and find ways to increase these partnerships’ financial sustainability.

The philosophy underpinning The Cultural Education Challenge isArts Council England’s Quality Principles. The Cultural Education Challenge requires arts and cultural organisations to utilise available data to drive their decision making processes. Arts Council England’s Cultural Education Portal provides access to data which can support organisations in accessing and using data. The National Foundation for Educational Research report: ‘Using Quality Principles in work for, by and with Children and Young People: Results of a pilot study' demonstrates how cultural education partnerships work in a real-world context on a significant scale.

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