Artsmark Celebration Week 2019

This year we took part in #CelebrateArtsmark Week 2019

This October, we took part in Artsmark Celebration Week and took the chance to #CelebrateArtsmark with some of the schools we helped to achieve their Artsmark Award in 2019. Take a look at the playlist below to find out more about the experiences of these schools.

Pupil Voice at St. Luke's Primary School, Glossop

St Luke’s C of E Primary School, Glossop have worked hard on developing pupil voice in their school. They have seen some positive outcomes from activities they have embedded across the school and it is evident how authentic pupil voice has become.

What did they do?
The school set up a number of activities which are pupil led for example their ‘Take One Picture Week’ a week of activities based on a painting chosen by the National Gallery. They developed activities like this to encourage the staff to feel brave enough to step back and let the children lead.

They have come up with some practical tools to help the less confident pupils be heard such as ‘Fingers on Noses’.

They have also changed their timetable, so they have a day where the children work in Houses which encourages them to take the lead.They ensured this happened by introducing the picture earlier and giving the children more time to plan what they wanted to do.

What was the impact?
Children are now fully involved in the training of staff from other schools and Manchester University every year. The picture is revealed to the children and adults at the same time and the children take the lead in suggesting lines of enquiry based on the picture. They show the adults how the picture might inspire their learning. They have found that involving the children in the CPD has deepened the learning by the adults.This year they are involving children from another school as well.

For staff, the biggest change came about by asking them to take on the role of observer and report back who had shown skills such as cooperation, leadership, compromise etc.By giving the staff something tangible to do gave them permission to step back from leading the learning.

The children now have a morning of learning they lead and an afternoon of presenting and looking at other’s learning.They found that providing more structure gave staff the freedom to step back and pupils the freedom to step up.

‘We have seen the impact of this on the children feeling more confident to run clubs, talk about their feelings and raise issues that matter to them.’

  • Alice Littlehailes, Headteacher

What else are they working on?
Across the cluster of schools they have a ‘High Peak Kids Council’ which is a forum for pupil voice. Initially it was found that with an adult from every school at the meeting, the children looked to the adults to take the lead even though the pupils were chairing the meeting. To combat this, they have now asked all but 2 of the adults to wait outside the meeting which has led to significantly better discussion by the children and they are learning to use their voice.

The school are currently working on a project to make the playground a more creative space. They have sourced a bus and are leaving the Bus Committee pupils to use the space to evolve their ideas without decisions being made by adults. Having a focused project really helps for more tangible pupil voice.

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We spoke to three schools across the East Midlands about their experiences of Artsmark and the differences the award has made to their pupils and staff.

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