Developing Youth Skills through Changemakers

How TMC's inspirational Changemakers programme has helped young people develop their skills and confidence

How do you 'challenge perspectives and expand horizons for young people?' By working with young people to drive that change. This became the focus of TMC's annual conference. Our Changemakers were a group of young people, recruited by TMC to develop, plan and deliver what went on to become an outstanding event. 'Creating the Future' ran in June 2019, and attracted delegates from across the education, arts and cultural sectors. The passion and commitment of our Changemakers enabled those delegates to enjoy a programme designed to challenge, provoke, facilitate discussion and ignite an appetite for influencing positive change.

But what about the young people themselves. What did they gain from the experience? We invited them to share their story.

“My experience as a Changemaker for The Mighty Creatives taught me a lot. One of the main things being, how we all work better when we are part of a team. Without the strengths, vision and talents of my fellow Changemakers I wouldn't have known where to start!

Having only ever worked on events when working at the venue, my confidence in communicating and collaborating with external venues has grown. I have a much better understanding of the level of detail required to ensure an event runs smoothly.

I have also learnt that with passion comes possibility. Our team were all so passionate about our vision and the reason behind our event that, even on tough days, we kept striding forward and never lost sight of our end goal. I feel that although our event may only be a drop in the ocean of work that needs to be done, we have started a conversation that I am committed to pursue!” – Louise, Changemaker

"Working on the ‘Changemaker’ Programme with The Mighty Creatives served as unprecedented professional and personal development. Whilst the workload was demanding, this pushed myself and the team to work coherently with positive reinforcement and support from TMC staff.

I came into this experience from no knowledge of event management; having graduated from a Fine Art degree in 2018, so my learning curve was a steep one. Initially I was at odds with the programme due to the stark contrast between its nature and my artistic practice. Quickly, with the aid of the team, this was address and actually I believe I began to thrive within my role as part of the producer / programming team.

As a result of this programme, I feel incomprehensibly more comfortable in my organisational, interpersonal, and facilitation skills. In fact I am pursuing more work as a producer / programmer within the creative industry, although this alludes me so far.

To say this is the best job I’ve had would still be underselling it, I cannot thank TMC enough for the opportunity and continued support. Equally, I owe that same thanks to my fellow Changemakers for being ideal colleagues and incredible people." - Adam, Changemaker

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