First Speakers Announced for Creating the Future!

We are thrilled to announce the first live speaker at our youth-led conference, Creating the Future, coming June 2019.

Activist Nadia Whittome joins us, June 28 2019 at Curve Theatre, Leicester for a day of keynote speakers, live streams from Royal Opera House, discussion and inspiration.

Nadia Whittome is a Labour Party, trade union and community activist, whose political activism sparked as a teenager in Nottingham Contemporary’s youth group. Nadia is leading campaigns locally and nationally on migrants’ rights and against Brexit and the far right. She will speak about youth access to the arts, particularly for working class young people, in the context of achieving social, environmental, economic and workers’ justice.

More speaker announcements coming soon! To book your ticket for Creating the Future - Challenging Perspectives & Expanding Horizons for Young People, Early Bird tickets are now available. Click here

Our next live speaker at Create the Future is the fantastic Lisa McKenzie. Lisa is a research fellow in the Department of Sociology at Middlesex University, her work focuses upon on issues of social and class inequality. Her work builds upon the narratives of working class communities collected through political ethnographic research. Lisa brings an unusual and innovative approach to research as an activist and by means of her extensive experience of bringing the academic world and local community together. Her most recent book is Getting By: Estates Class and Culture in Austerity Britain (2015) and her new book Class Cleansing: Grieving for London will be published in 2019.