Grant Funding available for Schools Networks

Up to £1000 is available to support new and emerging networks of schools.

The Mighty Creatives invite you to apply for a grant of up to £1000 to support a networking event for schools in your area. The purpose of these grants is to enable teachers to come together from different schools to further their skills and confidence in the delivery of cultural provision.

Who can apply?

This offer is open to schools or other organisations in the East Midlands who:

  • Can bring together a group of local teachers (a minimum of 10) from different schools interested in developing cultural provision across their network.
  • Have support from their senior leadership team and capacity to organise and oversee the delivery of the networking event. Details must be confirmed by March 2020 for delivery by June 2020.
  • Are happy to provide 15 minutes within the networking event for a TMC Consultant to talk to the group about the work of TMC, and in particular Artsmark and Arts Award.
  • Can demonstrate how the event will support longer-term networking activity eg. opening discussion around areas such as pooling resources for ongoing CPD, as evidence of need for another funding body, as an initial launch for on-going skills sharing events, or the intention to continue with a digital network post-event.
  • Please be aware we are particularly interested in supporting schools and smaller arts organisations to develop opportunities to bring together new networks of schools. We are therefore unlikely to support applications from organisations that have previously received funding from TMC or ACE to develop work of this nature.
  • Applications are welcome from schools and organisations throughout the East Midlands, but are particularly sought from DfE Category 5 and 6 Local Area Districts.

Deadline for applications is 9am Monday 10th February 2020.

For further information download the application form here:

Type File Size Download
networking-grants-application-form-2020.docx 104.76 KB Download

Key Timeline and Milestones

9am Monday 10th Febraury - Deadline for applications

Wednesday 12th February - Applicants informed of outcome

Monday 16th March - Details of all networking activity confirmed and included on TMC website

March - June - Ongoing recruitment to networking event

Tuesday 20th June - All networking activity completed

Monday 13th July - Submit summary report of impact and future plans