Skills Development Through Creative Mentoring

How TMC's Creative Mentoring Scheme is helping to change young lives.

Emerge Creative Skills is TMC's Creative Mentoring Scheme. Funded by Children in Need, this programme of work aims to give young care-leavers better life chances, helping them to build positive relationships and bridge the gap as they transition from care to independent living. Through creative experiences and the support of a skilled mentor, young care-leavers are nurtured, empowered and inspired, developing essential life skills and increasing their confidence to engage in society. The following case-study demonstrates the impact that we are making through this work.

This young person has faced many challenges in the past. They have previously had issues with substance abuse and alongside this have a history of mental health issues and have also found themselves homeless. When the young person started the Creative Mentoring Scheme as part of Emerge Creative Skills, they lacked self-confidence and self-esteem and found It hard to make impactful relationships with other people, especially peers. These skills and development areas have been a focus of the mentor moving forward in both phases of our project.

The young person’s creative mentor has been focusing on sculptural ceramics across the two phases of the programme to tackle these issues alongside their creative outcomes. They have been taking the young person and their partner to museums, galleries and parks, with creativity embedded in all aspects of their activity. These sessions happened and are continuing to happen weekly for an average of 4 hours per week. Timings vary depending on mentor and young person availability. Not only has this young person attended the sessions with their mentor, but they have also attended a group workshop session with other young people and mentors, demonstrating skill development in confidence and relationship building.

The young person was chosen to be part of the project to support them with the following outcomes: for the young person to sell some of their ceramics work; for the young person to feel proud of their work, achievements and to feel more motivated; for them to feel more confident to experiment creatively; and for them to show increased work ethic and explore training opportunities. The creative mentoring process has made significant progress to these core outcomes as not only has the young person explored training opportunities, but with their mentor’s support, they have also been accepted on a college course, something that the young person was opposed to this time last year. This demonstrates a profound development in all areas of confidence, motivation and work ethic.

Over the course of phase 1 (November 2018- March 2019), the young person’s confidence has improved from a 2/5 to a 4/5, their motivation has increased from a 3/5 to a 4/5 and their ideas generation improving from a 3/5 to a 5/5. All other areas that have shown improvement are: planning and budgeting; self-belief; team work; problem solving; communication; relationship building and participation and engagement. 100% of the skills measured have improved. With reference to their personal goals, the young person is living independently and is clean from alcohol and any substances. They are taking a lot of pride in themselves and hope to continue this and their learnt skills moving forward in their college course and into future employment.

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