Arts Award is a range of unique qualifications that supports anyone aged up to the age of 25 to grow as artists and arts leaders, inspiring them to connect with and take part in the wider arts world through taking challenges in an art form - from fashion to digital art, pottery to poetry.

Through progressing through the five levels, young people get to:

  • discover the enjoyment of creating and participating in arts activities
  • experience arts events
  • develop creative and communication skills that are essential for success in 21st century life
  • explore the work of artists and craftspeople and gain insights into the professional arts world
  • gain experience and knowledge to help progress into further education and employment

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There are no entry requirements, no time limit for completing the award, and no set rules on how to present final work.

How does it work?

Arts Award’s flexible framework means it can fit around a wide range of arts, cultural and heritage activities and projects, including creative and technical roles. It can be delivered in many ways and in a wide range of settings. You can map it to your existing activity or use it to kick-start something new. Arts Award delivery happens in curriculum or extra-curricular programmes and enrichment options, museum or heritage projects, weekly clubs or groups, and partnership projects.

Want to run Arts Award?

Young people are supported on their Arts Award journey by an Arts Award adviser, acting as assessor, facilitator and mentor. Anyone working with children and young people in the UK can deliver Arts Award including teachers, teaching assistants, museum learning staff, arts practitioners and youth workers. You don’t need to be an arts specialist. To become an adviser you need to book onto a training course. Find out more about the steps involved in delivering Arts Award.

Want to know more?

Download the Arts Award Guide containing everything you need to know about doing Arts Award.

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Ten things you should know about Arts Award

  1. Arts Award's unique qualifications support young people to develop as artists and arts leaders.
  2. Arts Award is open to anyone aged up to 25, and embraces all interests and backgrounds.
  3. Arts Award has five levels, four of which are on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).
  4. Arts Award is managed by Trinity College London in association with Arts Council England working with 10 regional Bridge organisations (The Mighty Creatives are one of those Bridges).
  5. Since Arts Award was launched in 2005 355,992 awards have been achieved by young people (correct as of 1 January 2018).
  6. The programme develops creativity, leadership and communication skills. Through Arts Award young people learn to work independently, helping them to prepare for further education and employment
  7. Young people can achieve an award through any arts, media or cultural activity, such as music, literature, film-making or drama, and through technical and support roles such as arts marketing, stage lighting and web desig
  8. Young people develop knowledge and understanding of their chosen art forms but art form skills levels are not set.
  9. Young people work with a trained Arts Award adviser who supports them to achieve their aspirations. The adviser will usually be a professional artist, teacher or youth worker
  10. Young people work towards their Arts Award at an Arts Award centre. Any organisation which supports young people’s arts activities can register as a centre if it employs or links with an Arts Award adviser. A centre may be a school, arts gallery, theatre, college, youth club, library, museum or arts project.