Arts Award: From Start to Finish

We promote Arts Award as part of our role as a Bridge Organisation for Arts Council England – helping children and young people to raise their aspirations, realise their potential and have their creative achievements recognised.

We have created a series of short films to help any school get started with Arts Award, explaining the process from start to finish. Hopefully, it will answer your questions, queries or worries and give you real examples of how education settings across the East Midlands are delivering outstanding arts learning through Arts Award.

1. How did you afford to run your Arts Award?

Schools talk about how they funded, gained support and budgeted for Arts Award projects and programmes. Here are some links that you may find useful: find out more about costs here; Trinity provides small grants through their Access Fund; and, you can find out about The Mighty Creatives opportunities here.

2. What did you do?

Arts Award can take many shapes and forms which means that most people deliver it slightly differently. In this video you can hear about a few ways schools deliver Arts Award. You can find more about what is involved in achieving Arts Award here.

3. How long did it take? How did it fit into your school day and curriculum?

Arts Award flexible framework allows schools to deliver in ways that suit them. You can hear schools talk about how they deliver within their setting

4. How many young people undertook it and at what level?

In this video, schools discuss the number of people who get involved in Arts Award.

5. How did you recruit artists and practitioners or find organisations to visit?

Schools discuss the process of getting artists and creative professionals involved in their Arts Awards events.

6. How did you support the children to record their work?

Schools discuss the way they helped the children involved in their events and encouraged them to record their work.

7. How did you monitor assessments?

In this video, education professionals discuss the ways in which they monitored assessments and tracked the process of students involved.

8. How did you find registering/ordering log books, certificates, or moderation?

Schools discuss the process of ordering literature and materials for their Arts Award events.

9. What were the benefits to school and staff?

In this video, education professionals discuss the benefits that participating in Arts Award has brought to schools as a whole as well as the staff members who participated.

10. What were the benefits to young people?

Schools discuss the benefits of taking part in Arts Award, and the effects upon young people who participated

11. What next – would you do it again?

Schools summarize their experiences and what their next action will be.

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