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Are you a School, College or Formal Education setting? This is all you need to know for getting started with Arts Award.

Arts Award | Start Up & Progression Packages
Schools, Colleges and Formal Education Settings

The Mighty Creatives is offering a number of support packages for schools, colleges and formal education settings who want to deliver the Arts Award qualification for the first time or progress their delivery at a new additional level.

What are Arts Award packages?

Start-up Packages

We have packages available for settings who work with children and young people, including schools, colleges and formal education settings. These packages are for those who don’t currently offer the award and are looking to deliver Arts Award for the first time.

These packages will give successful applicants access to training for two members of staff, advice and support during the project and a grant of £500 towards the delivery of their Arts Award.

Progression Packages

This programme is for schools, colleges and formal education settings who are delivering one or more levels of Arts Award and wish to expand their delivery at a different level from their current offer.

These packages will give successful applicants access to training for two members of staff (if required for progression), advice and support during the project and a grant of £500 towards the delivery of their Arts Award.

What is Arts Award?

Arts Award is a structured, nationally recognised qualification for young people to develop their creativity, leadership and communication skills.

Arts Award is delivered at five levels, four are accredited and recognised on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and one is an introductory level. The levels are:

Discover and Explore

Introductory level and entry level 3 on RQF

Can be completed by anyone aged between 5 and 25yrs

Bronze and Silver

Level 1 and Level 2 on RQF

Can be completed by anyone aged between 11 and 25yrs


Level 3 on RQF (16 UCAS points)

Award can be completed by anyone aged between 11 and 25yrs

Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talent whilst gaining a recognised qualification. The award is fun, creative and accessible to all. It’s extremely flexible, it can be used in a wide range of subjects, activities and clubs in schools.

Managed by Trinity College London, in association with Arts Council England, the young people taking part use the arts to:

  • Develop and learn skills
  • Develop their creative practise
  • Engage, experience and discover the world of the arts and artists
  • Develop leadership and communication skills
  • Learn to share skills and learning with others

How does it work?

To deliver Arts Award you will need an adviser trained at the appropriate level. This training is offered as part of the packages for two staff members

  • Discover and Explore = half a day training
  • Bronze and Silver = full day training

You can then:

  • Deliver the award in the way that best suits your young people and setting
  • Assess the completed awards as the advisor for the project.
  • Put awards forward for moderation by an external Arts Award Moderator (levels Explore and above)
  • Receive qualification certificates for the young people who complete the award.

For more information on the awards please visit

What will I get?



Grant of £500 toward delivery/moderation costs

Plus a top-up grant if you are applying at Explore and Silver level


£100 for Explore

£150 for Silver

Training for two staff members at the appropriate level

Worth £394

Attendance at a mapping and planning session with a trained specialist to help you plan your delivery

Worth £125

Also included:

  • Specialist advisor support throughout the duration of your project
  • Access to tools and resources
  • The opportunity to share and showcase your work through The Mighty Creatives newsletters and events

What do I have to do?

  • For Discover and Explore level we are looking to support organisations who can take through a minimum of 35 young people.
  • For Bronze and Silver we are looking to support organisations who can take through a minimum of 20 young people.

NB These numbers are guidance, if you feel your organisation has other considerations (e.g. working in a SEN setting or a small school) please get in touch with us. The number on your application will be included in your grant agreement with The Mighty Creatives.

  • You need to commit to two members of staff being trained as an Arts Award Advisor on the dates specified below
  • You need to submit your Arts Awards for Moderation by15 th February 2019 or before.
  • You will need to provide TMC with project updates and a final project report at the end of your delivery


  • We are looking for proposals with ambitious plans for Arts Award.
  • We are looking for primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and formal education settings based in the East Midlands who want to deliver the award for the first time or are looking to deliver the award at a different level from their current offer
  • We are looking for settings to trial, test and pilot the delivery of the award within their school or formal education setting and are looking to embed the award against their current educational delivery.
  • We are looking for settings who can share what impact they believe delivering Arts Award will have on the young people they work with.
  • Also settings that are able to demonstrate how this links to their future planning.

You must use the grant to cover your moderation costs. More information on certification and moderation costs can be found here:

Each applicant will be expected to have a pre-application phone call with The Mighty Creatives to discuss the offer and how this could support your work. Please get in touch to arrange this.

How do I apply?

To apply for these packages you must be either:

  • Delivering Arts Award for the first time.
  • Or

  • Delivering at a new level.
  • You must be based in the East Midlands.
  • Be a primary school, secondary school, college or any other formal education setting

Before completing the application form for the Start Up Packages we ask all potential applicants to have a quick telephone Conversation with a member of the Arts Award team at The Mighty Creatives. This will be a short conversation about Arts Award to ensure you a fully aware of what this grant involves. You can reach us on 0116 2616 834.

To apply for a package you need to check you are eligible for the funding, see below and download and complete the application form. Return it to us at by 28th April 2018 5pm.

Dates for your calendar

Deadline for Applications is 28th April 2018 5pm

Advisor Training Dates

  • 22nd May 2018 - Bronze and Silver training (full-day training followed by a twilight mapping and planning session) – Leicester
  • 22nd May 2018 -Discover and Explore Training (half-day training followed by afternoon mapping and planning session) – Leicester

Mid-point meeting

  • W/C 5th November - Nottingham

Moderation date

  • 15th February - Joint moderation taking place. Please note ALL moderations must be completed by this date.


Why do Arts Award?

  • Schools have reported the award has had a positive impact on students’ literacy, engagement and attendance.
  • Arts Award raises students’ aspirations and provides motivation for young people. The award helps students build skills they need for success in school, further education and employment.
  • The four qualifications are recognised on the QCF. Accreditation starts at entry Level 3 and goes up to Level 3, which has UCAS points attached. They also have funded learning aims and can form part of the 16-19 study programme. There is also an introductory level.
  • Training staff as an advisor supports their professional development.
  • Offering Arts Award can contribute to achieving Artsmark status, a sign of commitment to high quality arts and cultural education. It can also enable you to facilitate a more student led curriculum.
  • Arts Award can provide a great way to bring arts and cultural experiences to the children and young people you work with, supporting ACE’s Cultural Education Challenge.
  • And it’s fun!

What Can I spend the grant money on?

  • Arts Award Log books or guidance
  • Fees for workshops with a professional specialist
  • General art materials and printing costs
  • Tickets and travel for events
  • Hire of specialist equipment or specialist venue
  • Certificates and moderation costs
  • Specific access requirements e.g. BSL/other translators; assistive technology specifically related to the Arts Award project

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

If you have any more questions about these packages, please contact Sophie or Lorrie on 0116 2616 834 or email

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