“Artsmark enables you to showcase the very DNA of your school.”

Designed by schools for schools, the new Artsmark award was relaunched in 2015 to help schools enrich, develop and strengthen their arts and cultural provision – bringing creativity, arts and culture to every classroom.

The new Artsmark Award will support deeper connections with schools’ own strategies and align with school curriculum and planning cycles, supporting whole school planning and improvement and enabling the use of the arts as a mechanism for addressing specific school priorities. Read more about how Artsmark supports bringing creative learning to life here.The programme offers schools and other settings the opportunity and support needed to build and develop high-quality arts and cultural provision as part of a broad and balanced curriculum. Any school setting can apply.

Some of the many benefits to your school and pupils include:

  • access to exceptional resources as well as networks of cultural organisations, helping you develop and strengthen your arts provision
  • providing evidence of how you are meeting social, moral, cultural and spiritual requirements for Ofsted
  • a way to celebrate your school’s strengths and help achieve ambitions for the future
  • a way to enrich your curriculum with the arts.
  • introducing the joys of creating, performing and composing to your pupils, and help build the confidence, resilience and drive that will see them grow into happy, articulate, successful young people.
  • this series of case studies detail how Artsmark has helped schools improve.

How Artsmark Helps

Pupils at North Kestevan School describe how their school uses performing arts to develop their life skills, build their confidence and build a real sense of community throughout the school.

Once registered you can sign up and attend an Artsmark Development Day. These days are run by the Mighty Creatives and are a part of your Artsmark Award. Once you have decided to join Artsmark and registered with Arts Council England you will need to book a Development Day. The day is a visioning and training day that will assess and celebrate your current provision and help you plan your Artsmark journey. Click on the link below to book to attend.

Artsmark Schools in the East Midlands

Our new mapping tools allows you to find your local Artsmark school.

It's simple to use. The '+' or '-' tabs in the top left corner allows you to zoom in to street level and out across the region. The bullet point symbol in the pink title box is the key, and the paper filing symbol allows you to filter what you are seeing on the map according to the key's classification. Click on any symbol on the map and you get the contact details of the organisation.

Artsmark: Enabling every pupil to grow

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Hazel Townsend

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