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Actively Involving Children and Young People.

Participation is key, but this need not be restricted to being involved in making and doing, it might also include involvement in initial planning and giving children a say in what and how they might be actively involved.

Please find below some links to some helpful guidance and resources to help you develop this further in school.

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Reading and Resource List

Title Type Link
How Young People's Participation in School Supports Achievement and Attainment Research Produced by Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People. This study looks into how participation in school helps pupils to do well.
Title Type Link Description
How to Engage with Diverse Groups in Schools and other Educational Settings Advice and guidance Participation Works 'How To' Guide focussed mostly on the inclusivity aspect of participation: both the importance of inclusion in participation practice, and using participation as a way to engage more students in education.
How to Involve Children and Young People in School Governance Advice and guidance Participation Works 'How To' Guide focussing on high-level decision making within schools – participation at the governance level.
How to Support Inclusive Groups in Schools and Other Educational Settings Advice and guidance Participation Works 'How To' Guide focussing on how to use and develop existing approaches to inclusivity within the school, to apply to and enrich participation as well.
Your Rights to be Heard in School Advice and guidance Participation Works 'How To' Guide focussing on the rights basis of participation and how this applies in a theoretical and practical way in schools.
Student Voice Website Advice and guidance Aiming to be a representative organisation for students, but currently primarily offering support, advice and training around school participation.
Positive About Participation Advice and guidance A description of theory and practice around building participation in schools developed by One Scotland.
Children's Participation: From Tokenism to Citizenship Advice and guidance A seminal essay from Roger Hart on the subject of participation. With some schools context and including his Ladder of Participation - a very commonly used model to help organisations identify the quality of existing participation work.
Consulting Young People: A literature review. 2nd ed. Newcastle: Creativity, Culture and Education. Bragg, S. (2010) Advice and guidance This review introduces readers to the field of consultation work with young people and indicates some relevant references, broad schools of thought, major conceptual issues and practical approaches.
Title Type Link Description
The School Council: A Children's Guide Tools and Resources's-guide A step-by-step guide for children on developing and maintaining an effective school council.
Good Council Guide: How to bring your secondary school council to life Save the Children (2004) Tools and Resources A practical book to help secondary school staff and pupils build up an effective school council. Some helpful approaches to effective decision-making.
Pupil Voice Wales website Tools and resources Useful information and resources available for all ages/ school phases.
School Councils UK website Tools and resources Tools and resources for schools to use to embed participation.
Involver – Free resources Tools and resources Primarily focussed on school councils, but also covering more general pupil voice, Involver offer free resources to help schools monitor and develop participation practice.
Promoting Student Participation in School Linking Projects Tools and Resources A toolkit for teachers and students. Focussed on Plan UK's School Linking project, it is a resource that offers good advice and practical approaches around developing participation and especially in partnership arrangements.
Participation Spice it Up Tools and Resources—-spice-it This manual provides more than 40 tried-and-tested activities and games to get children and young people involved in the decision-making process.
Respect! Exploring Children's Rights in the UK and Around the World Tools and Resources This teachers pack for Key Stage 2 uses activities, discussion, storied and poems to look at children's basic rights, in the UK and around the world.
Stand Up Speak Out Two-Can (2001) Tools and Resources" This book addresses the issue of children's rights, and is designed to help children explore what this means. Participation is one of the five key sections, as is education.
Hear by Right Tools and Resources Participation Standards Framework to help organisations, including schools, to develop a specific and relevant participation strategy to help embed best participation practice into service delivery.
Title Type Link Description
Rights Respecting Schools Award Award This is an Award that focuses mainly on how schools meet the UNCRC, but also focuses on participation. Support and resources are available to schools to help them achieve the award.
Title Type Link Description
UFA – University of the First Age Training and Development The UFA network works with young people and the adults that support them by offering coaching, support, training and development in Young People's Leadership.
Title Type Link Description
Promising Rights: Introducing Children's Rights at School Case Studies A book that focuses on how one school has attempted to embrace the UNCRC, and particularly participation. A case study of creative, innovative approaches to participation in place at this primary school.
Participation Works Case Studies Case Studies A set of case studies that show where participation is already working well in schools.
The Mighty Creatives, Artsmark Schools Case Studies - featuring Young People's/Student Leadership Case Studies A set of case studies demonstrating good examples of pupil leadership and participation in Artsmark Schools.

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